Michael J. Wolf

Bloomberg TV: Market Underestimating ‘Spillover’ Risks

Dean Curnutt, chief executive officer of Macro Risk Advisors LLC, talks about the outlook for the Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index, known as the VIX, and global market risks. Curnutt speaks with Tom Keene, Adam Johnson, and Scarlet Fu on Bloomberg Television’s “Surveillance.” Activate’s Michael Wolf also speaks.

Link: Bloomberg TV: Market Underestimating ‘Spillover’ Risks

Microsoft Built a Moat Around Windows

My take on Microsoft announcing Office for iOS. Clip from guest hosting “Bloomberg Surveillance” on March 27th.

WhatsApp Cheap Growth For Facebook

Why FB’s WhatsApp Deal Will Create Value

There were divided opinions about Facebook’s deal to acquire messaging app WhatsApp: some were shocked about the price on an absolute basis (and relative to FB’s market cap).  But people from the tech business and tech investors were enthusiastic because they understand the power of having a global-scale communications platform.  Here’s my discussion with Tom Keane on “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

The Netflix/Comcast Deal

As part of guest-hosting “Bloomberg Surveillance” on February 24th,  I talked with Tom Keane about the Netflix agreement to pay Comcast for faster broadband access