Michael J. Wolf

New York Times article about Yahoo and Dan Loeb: Activist Investor Charts Plan to Revitalize Yahoo

To help make up ground, Mr. Loeb is calling for Yahoo to focus on the search ad businesses and to develop a social community and a robust, video platform. In a presentation to Yahoo Mr. Loeb described his proposed candidates, highlighting one, Jeff Zucker, the former chief of NBCUniversal, for his role in buildingHulu, which the hedge fund manager sees as a potentially attractive partner or target for Yahoo.

Similarly, Mr. Loeb said he picked another candidate, Michael J. Wolf, the founder of Activate, a media consulting firm, because of his media and technology contacts and his reputation as a “talent spotter.”

The final board candidate, Harry Wilson, a turnaround specialist, was one of the architects of the restructuring plan for General Motors.

Link: Activist Investor Charts Plan to Revitalize Yahoo